Dubai Traffic Watch

About 135 accidents were reported in Dubai on Sunday morning according to Dubai police.

The accidents took place between early hours to 9am when the visibility was poor due to a thick blanket of fog.

Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Director General of Dubai Police Traffic Department said that majority of the accidents did not lead to serious injurious cause any injurious. He however added that there were three major accidents in which one man lost his life.

The first accident one took place when two cars collided. One of the drivers of the collided car was hit by another vehicle when he got out of his vehicle to report on the accident.

The second accident took place when a truck transporting sand overturned due to speeding near to the Jumeirah Palm Strip. The truck driver suffered minor injurious and was hospitalised.

The third accident took place when a dozen cars collided between Dubai-Al Ain roads. The cause of the accident is due to lack of proper distance maintained between tow cars by the motorists while driving.

Dubai police has advised motorists to be cautious during change of weather and especially during foggy days, maintain safe distance between vehicles while driving, not to over speed, keep the low beam head lights on and avoid overtaking.

Foggy conditions in Dubai

Cold overnight temperature and warm daytime temperature created early morning mist and fog in coastal cities, causing difficulties for motorists in Dubai, Sharjah, and surrounding areas.

The conditions are likely to continue for the next several days said the weathermen.People driving early morning need to take extra precautions and use fog lights to increase visibility of their vehicles, said a police official.

Cars must be driven at slower speeds in the foggy conditions and a safe distance should be maintained, he added.

According to the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), weather would be partly cloudy at times during the day and rather cold at night in the next 48 hours.

There are also chances of mist and fog in some interior and coastal areas during the night and early morning.

The daytime temperature has been rising and was around 30c in different cities of the Emirates.

Humidity has also increased to 90 per cent in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Ajman. The NCMS statistics showed 85 per cent maximum humidity in Dubai, Sharjah, and UAQ.

Weathermen expect moderate winds blowing at a speed of six to 12 knots over land and eight to 15 knots over sea in general.

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